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We claim to breed dogs which are short, strong with rhythmic movements, with genial characters and which are great workers, all this together with the intention of maintaining the tradition of the breed with the loveliness and beautiful presentation that we want the dogs to have, and in most cases, that they are going to live in a familiar urban environment.
Breeders characterize the hair colour as all over brown but we consider this factor to be secondary. We think that truthfully the most important factor in a good dog is its character, its proven nobility and that it is docile and then later the colour. We breed the same amount of brown dogs as black, white and mixed colours.


The breeding characteristics of our dogs have their origins as we have said in the dogs CH Alamo and CH Terra, originated from the mustical [ in the world of dogs ] "La Fantasia" where they breed dogs like CH Marques, CH Manolo, CH Mori, CH Bandido, Beki, Manchi, Kitin, Imperio etc…. who served with others to make up the starting standard of the breed.

The country house "La Fantasia" or "The Fantasy" is situated between the borders of Cortes de La Frontera and Jerez, with an area of approximately 400 hectares. It has faith in its old traditions of farming and it aims to protect its historical city or fortress of Roman or perhaps Iberian origin. In these surroundings the are dogs selected for the main characteristics of the breed: intelligence, multifunctionality, and the capability to work, and still today despite their pedigree, competitions and exhibitions, the dogs bred there are bred to live and work together with man.
The characteristics we look for, in our dogs, aspire to come close to what were the original Spanish Water dogs, for example, that it is well proportioned in head, body and height. We avoid those breeders with a tendency to breed dogs with larger heads or which are taller (than the standard) creating a disproportionate dog, having an adverse affect on its overall movement.