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To be the loving owner of a breed of dogs and be a breeder is everything in the world, in that each one is an experience and development which counts. But what I am clear about is that whatever you give or take, it isn't and mustn't be for economic reasons or to think that you have "simple animals". When you have reared and lived with a Spanish Water Dog it will reinforce the meaning of the phrase "a dog is a man's best friend" and it is when one starts to consider the many physical and psychological values of this "animal" which
at times has more human characteristics than many people; it is then that you will begin to value the best and most well behaved breed of dogs unequalled and incomparable in the world.
I have always been fascinated by the world of dogs but I hadn't decided which breed. I remember when, in my youth, I visited my wife's grandfather and uncle who were Shepherds, who had a black woolly dog and I suppose with its colour, it's name couldn't be any other than "Moro". I remember that they told me that it was their feet and their hands: since those times I have felt an enormous curiosity for "Moro" and I always found time to study all dog books to see if I could find out anything about him, but to my surprise I didn't find anything and this caused the increase in my curiosity.
I started to pay more attention to the shepherds and countryside people and I could observe the variety of colours and the intelligence of the breed; from this moment I thought that it was my ideal dog. The years passed until at last I spoke with a friend called Paco and he told me I could get this type of dog in the country house "La Fantasia".
So this was how a small ball of white wool arrived who some friends had named "Topacio". I was crazy about my little dog and when she had her first season she met with a dog, which had impressed me called "Imperio". There were six in the littler and I kept a little chocolate brown puppy who I called "Alamo". This litter was my first and as I had little experience I gave it to a great friend "Pepe" and it is due to this that my "Alamo" leads "the cadets" owned by my good friends "Pepe and Vicente".